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A game created by alainc
Website (http://...)

Each player has 8 pawns of 2 colors. Every turn the player can put or move a pawn (or a stack) on the board. You have the reds and the yellows.

Pawns can be stacked until 4 stages. A pawn (or stack) can only move one step.

To win the game you must be the first to complete a «Diam». A «Diam» is 2 pawns of the same color and on the same stage of the stack across from one another. The lowest level doesn't count.

Each time you win, you gain 1 point. Each time you lose, you lose 1 point.

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A game created by alainc
Translated by Polio1

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  Profile     Message lilycollins ( 6 May 2023 07:13) : This game sounds like a variant of the classic board game Connect Four. However, instead of a 7x6 grid, it seems to have a board with stacking pawns. The objective is to form a "Diam", which is a pair drift hunters of same-color pawns in the same stage of the stack that are across from each other. The game is won by being the first player to complete a "Diam". Each win earns the player 1 point, while each loss results in a 1-point deduction.

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