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Love boat Pépère

Even on holiday, our Pépère always has something to do. He is now Captain of a zodiac! Slaloming between fishermen buoys is big fun but is not so easy. Help our Pépère to reach the last bouy and if you make it to the top 20, Pépère will offer you a link to a website of your choice.
Press the circle on the top-left for replays
Click on the square smiley to adapt the graphic details to your computer rapidity.
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Translated by jp
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--== 20 best scores ==--
230.95 X-man 8.66 sec
230.87 poas 8.663 sec
230.85 Sublime 8.664 sec
230.85 Rodrigo.Riveros 8.664 sec
230.63 abdussamed 8.672 sec
230.08 jjfat 8.693 sec
230.05 bandicoot 8.694 sec
229.94 hellZfirE 8.698 sec
229.18 aldo ( 8.727 sec
229.15 silberlocke 8.728 sec
229.1 psikopat 8.73 sec
229.07Brenda 8.731 sec
229 d0ornab 8.734 sec
228.94 turkish lady 8.736 sec
228.86 yusuf123 8.739 sec
228.81Cecerecece 8.741 sec
228.24 d0ornab 8.763 sec
228.19 JJ le lyonnais 8.765 sec
228.11jean 8.768 sec
228.03 PAL LE BOSS 8.771 sec
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  Profile     Message ifun2 ( 23 December 2009 11:09) : i can`t find reset and play botton first time...)))
  Profile     Message poaskaï ( 27 July 2011 12:07) : It is really confusing to see that some day you can keep doing very good scores, whereas some other days you will only do crap. But you keep playing exactly in the same way!!!
E.g. This annoying third buoy... most of the time, I manage to pass it very easily, doing always the same moves. And sometimes, like TODAY, the same moves won't work AT ALL !!
Isn't that weird? This is one of the "bugs" of those games.
Anyway, I have played them for many years. It rocks. Just wanted to share my frustration.
  Profile     Message moikelis moi12 ( 25 October 2011 19:05) : kröhöm puhuisiteko suomea jos osaate ees osaatte kiitos jos puhute oote sit tyhmiä jos ette puhu minulle suomea typerykset oote tyhmiä tai sit kivokja kumpaa hyvänsä niin kaikki on jotenkin erilaisia
  Profile     Message Osndbk41 ( 18 February 2012 13:47) : Fikrin
  Profile     Message joedavidson ( 2 March 2024 00:38) : Greetings from all of us here at! I just want to commend the efforts of the game developer who created this wonderful game.
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