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Raiders of the lost Pépère

After a hard day of working, Pépère returns in his Pépèremobile. After circling the block for half an hour, he finally finds a free space. Pépère is anxious to park his car but is very bad at parallel parking. Help him park his car. If you make it to the top 20, Pépère will offer you a link to a website of your choice.
Click on «Play» to start the game an press the directional arrows to park the PépèreMobile
Press the circle on the top-left for replays
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The rules

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--== 20 best scores ==--
179.02 Rodrigo.Riveros 0 bump2.793 sec
179.02 Naldo257 MauaSP 0 bump2.793 sec
179.02 PaulaPrfMatematica 0 bump2.793 sec
178.9naldo257 0 bump2.795 sec
178.9 Fernanda SP 0 bump2.795 sec
178.83 PerereUnnaFibras 0 bump2.796 sec
178.77 MSHUKI 0 bump2.797 sec
176.87 KRM13 0 bump2.827 sec
176.87 nhoyth 0 bump2.827 sec
176.87 X-man 0 bump2.827 sec
176.87 abdussamed 0 bump2.827 sec
176.87 Nono 0 bump2.827 sec
176.87 Sublime 0 bump2.827 sec
176.87 naldo257Maua-sp 0 bump2.827 sec
176.81 Sercox 0 bump2.828 sec
176.81KEREM13 0 bump2.828 sec
176.75 CHIRAC EN FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 bump2.829 sec
176.68 SebaZien 0 bump2.83 sec
176.68 jjfat 0 bump2.83 sec
176.56 Pépère 0 bump2.832 sec
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  Profile     Message AngelKate ( 5 April 2021 03:28) : I would love to try my skills in this game. tree cutting
  Profile     Message Michele616 ( 15 April 2021 02:40) : Intesresting game! Been playing this since I reach the site 2 years ago. siding Springfield VA
  Profile     Message Mike888 ( 22 April 2021 19:35) : Love to try my parking skills in this game. towing Haymarket VA
  Profile     Message antoniolorenzo ( 25 June 2021 13:26) : Nos encantan poder compartir información en páginas asi, son páginas que ayudan a nuestra propia página a parte de ser aficionados a los juegos!
  Profile     Message dallasaking4 ( 6 July 2021 14:33) : This is a new game for me and I like it very much. This way I can practice my parking skills without hurting anyone. LOL chattanooga concrete pouring
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