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Air Magic Pépère

basketball-billard game

Do you remember Larry Bird or Magic Johnson endless scoring at the NBA all start game 3 points challenge? Pépère has subscribed to the basketball club of his village and he's dreaming day and night about this! Help Pépère to break his record of successful free shots in 60 seconds and if you make it to the top 20, Pépère will offer you a link to a website of your choice.
The goal of the game is to score the greatest number of free shoots in 60 seconds.
Click on the left mouse button to take the ball, hit the ball on border to throw it.
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Translated by A M

Flash animationPractice 3-point shooting. There are no high scores; it's just for fun

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--== 20 best scores ==--
96 (perfect:5 miss:4 bumps:53) Coen
90 (perfect:5 miss:7 bumps:51) kristoffff
82 (perfect:5 miss:11 bumps:53) ercan
77 (perfect:4 miss:5 bumps:49)Mickeinsweden
76 (perfect:5 miss:16 bumps:58)erc
73 (perfect:5 miss:4 bumps:45) barkerintokyo
73 (perfect:5 miss:11 bumps:49) Crazy Gunnar
72 (perfect:6 miss:13 bumps:54) lotoa
72 (perfect:5 miss:12 bumps:46) abdussamed
72 (perfect:5 miss:19 bumps:59) ercan
72 (perfect:5 miss:20 bumps:55) chdanao
70 (perfect:5 miss:11 bumps:51) harmony32
69 (perfect:8 miss:18 bumps:44) karelin
68 (perfect:5 miss:23 bumps:70)chdanao
67 (perfect:5 miss:15 bumps:54)gulas
66 (perfect:5 miss:21 bumps:53) lotoa
64 (perfect:4 miss:5 bumps:39)nickManoz
64 (perfect:4 miss:7 bumps:46) caios
63 (perfect:4 miss:15 bumps:50) V-V
62 (perfect:5 miss:9 bumps:45)AndreS
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Best of the month Cain 36 points (perfect:3 miss:5 bumps:42).
Best of the day Coen 19 points (perfect:3 miss:12 bumps:65).