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The elephant game

This is the story of Leonardo the elephant who really wanted to fly. Against his friends advice he tied himself to a balloon full of helium, and now there's our man flying in the sky. Eole, the god of the winds, likes this courageous and inventive mind and has decided to help him with his big air fan. Be ready to detach the rope and make a big jump forward!

Throw Leonardo the Elephant as far and high as you can. Swing the balloon with the fan and click the mouse to detach the rope.
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Translated by Elora, Flygon, No website

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Girls-Boys stats
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The distance contest TOP 10
842.59 m X-man
841.02 m sloni necker
804.15 m ayhan
804.01 m karelin
786.45 m stubby
786.05 m SQUALE
784 m Real cage
781.37 m Rodrigo.Riveros
752.01 m jjfat
724.66 m tranquille
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The splash contest TOP 10
389.77 m³ karelin
388.98 m³ X-man
387.46 m³ Rodrigo.Riveros
372.89 m³ GILAF
370.59 m³ akad
370.54 m³ abdussamed
370.37 m³ gajcy
366.22 m³ gajcy
365.67 m³ ayhan
364.5 m³ Real cage
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  Profile     Message Coen ( 10 March 2010 10:35) : réalité, jeu est difficile
  Profile     Message manzanita28 ( 7 September 2010 02:40) : eso que

  Profile     Message manzanita28 ( 7 September 2010 02:40) : hay alguie de México por ahi
  Profile     Message billi1 ( 13 October 2023 10:57) : it seems to be easy but my instincts say "Like any other game looking easy, is hard" you can try flower power game too it's really addictive!
  Profile     Message joedavidson ( 29 February 2024 03:03) : It might be a good idea to rebuild your website to also improve our gaming experience.
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