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Angry Pépère

What you learn in driving school is very useful, but after 10,000 attempts at parellel parking, Pépère is getting angry. He puts on rangers, ties up his hair with a Rambo bandana, and goes for acrobatics! It's so good to have fun sometimes...
This time, Pépère will park with a handbrake! Unfortunately, he quickly understands that it's not easier this way... Help him control his racecar. If you make it to the top 20, Pépère will offer you a link to a website of your choice..
Press the circle on the top-left for replays
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Translated by Sublime
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397.37 X-man 0 bump3.393 sec
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397.11 jjfat 0 bump3.399 sec
397.06 Rodrigo.Riveros 0 bump3.4 sec
397.06 Dannyboy 0 bump3.4 sec
396.98 PokerMaster 0 bump3.402 sec
395.91 abdussamed 0 bump3.427 sec
395.91 Marcos Algeri 0 bump3.427 sec
395.91 d0nn0r 0 bump3.427 sec
395.82ARN-BR 0 bump3.429 sec
395.82 Dave 0 bump3.429 sec
395.82 Huppis 0 bump3.429 sec
395.82ChekbooM 0 bump3.429 sec
395.78 Teemu Malkki 0 bump3.43 sec
395.78 ARNALDO 0 bump3.43 sec
395.74tmeeth 0 bump3.431 sec
395.74 ali acar 0 bump3.431 sec
395.74 Sublime 0 bump3.431 sec
395.65 acarr 0 bump3.433 sec
395.65 Rafael Trapp 0 bump3.433 sec
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  Profile     Message Rodrigo.Riveros ( 8 August 2022 23:02) : O site foi descontinuado?
  Profile     Message joedavidson ( 30 January 2024 03:12) : I played this game several times when i was in Atlanta Drywall Contractors office.
  Profile     Message chavesarlene4 ( 23 March 2024 22:28) : Angry Pépère game is a fun and addictive experience that challenges players to help Pépère, the feisty French grandpa, reclaim his stolen baguette from mischievous foes.
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