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The holidays of Pépère

Vacation....Sun, sea, beach and coconuts. Pépère is out on vacation for a week and has arrived right now. What shall he do with the trailer used in his travel? Pépère likes his trailer, but it doesn´t like him. Help him park his trailer behind the coconut trees using reverse. If you stay between the best 20, Pépère will give you a link to a web page of your choice.
Click on «Play» and use the arrow key to park in reverse gear the trailer.
Press the circle on the top-left for replays
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Translated by Sublime
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148.81 X-man 0 bump3.36 sec
148.81 Sublime 0 bump3.36 sec
148.81 Naldo257 Maua SP 0 bump3.36 sec
148.81 Paula157 0 bump3.36 sec
148.81 Fernanda268 0 bump3.36 sec
148.77 Rodrigo.Riveros 0 bump3.361 sec
148.77 Sherman 0 bump3.361 sec
148.77Sacy 0 bump3.361 sec
148.73Saci 0 bump3.362 sec
148.73 PerereUnnaFibras 0 bump3.362 sec
148.68 abdussamed 0 bump3.363 sec
148.64Saciy 0 bump3.364 sec
148.64Saci Perere 0 bump3.364 sec
148.24 d0nn0r 0 bump3.373 sec
147.37Brenda 0 bump3.393 sec
147.37 aldo ( 0 bump3.393 sec
147.32BABr 0 bump3.394 sec
147.28 yusuf123 0 bump3.395 sec
147.19Team.RFR 0 bump3.397 sec
147.15 d0ornab 0 bump3.398 sec
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  Profile     Message Lyly19 ( 13 May 2024 06:41) : Pépère's holidays sound like a relaxing getaway! It's funny how even on vacation, he still has to deal [url=]Pokerogue[/url] with parking challenges. I'll give it a try and see if I can help him park that trailer behind the coconut trees!
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