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Bilboquet game

A game created by jp
Website (http://...)

Bilboquet (also called Ring and pin game or Kendama in Japan) is an old game of dexterity, invented in France in the 16th century. This, the 21st century version of the game uses the flash technology to play bilboquet virtually online!

The goal of the game is still the same. Throw the ball up and impale it on the stick. Try to score as many times as you can in the given 30 seconds.

Each successful try will give you an extra point ( ) to your next score. Each time you miss, you will loose an extra point. Good luck!

- Click on the "?" to see the best replays.

- Game programmers, the highscore and replays functionnalities are part of the 2xFlash game upload system, don't hesitate to ask for details.

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A game created by jp
Translated by jp

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  Profile     Message Jellymin ( 25 May 2022 04:52) : It was fun playing this game! |
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