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A game created by d0ornab

This is a very simple game.
Just use your keyboard to type the alphabet (A-Z) as fast as you can.
If you type a wrong letter, your points will be reduced.

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A game created by d0ornab
Translated by Oris.Marii

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  Profile     Message Michele616 ( 1 April 2021 18:59) : My kids love to play this educational game. siding Fairfax VA
  Profile     Message MR136 ( 2 April 2021 19:49) : My son learn his alphabet in this game! gutter installation

  Profile     Message Karlyle ( 5 April 2021 03:41) : This is an educational game! black mold remediation
  Profile     Message Mawnster ( 20 April 2021 19:00) : Wow! Very educational game. Thanks a lot! web design manassas va

  Profile     Message davidwright ( 21 April 2021 21:29) : Cool! Thanks for sharing! <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

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