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Pumpkin Supply

A game created by spaceplant
Website (http://...)

Collect the good pumpkins that the witches are dropping from the sky.

Use only mouse to control. Move by moving mouse, and drop pumpkins in wheel barrel by left clicking.

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A game created by spaceplant
Translated by spaceplant

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  Profile     Message Tommy15 ( 13 April 2021 13:53) : <a href=""></a>
  Profile     Message Miyaka22 ( 29 June 2021 05:46) : Had fun with this game. I really love dropping pumpkins in wheel. Visit Us
  Profile     Message Madmardigan ( 2 July 2021 06:47) : I am a player in this game before and I would say that this is really awesome. Professional Tilers
  Profile     Message MyBiz ( 26 July 2021 11:19) : Awesome stuff!

Ryan | ABQ Junk Removal

  Profile     Message Miyaka22 ( 3 August 2021 03:49) : Higly recommended game so far. Great experience!

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