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Pumpkin Supply

A game created by spaceplant
Website (http://...)

Collect the good pumpkins that the witches are dropping from the sky.

Use only mouse to control. Move by moving mouse, and drop pumpkins in wheel barrel by left clicking.

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A game created by spaceplant
Translated by spaceplant

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  Profile     Message _sofia_09 ( 21 August 2009 17:20) : siis mitä t's pitää tehä?
  Profile     Message harrisonlee93 ( 5 April 2021 09:28) : For every racquetball racquets I get to play is equivalent to a good pumpkin squash game of this witch. The battle is always on when I have a back up though.
  Profile     Message Tommy15 ( 13 April 2021 13:49) : These are really cool

Manager @
  Profile     Message Tommy15 ( 13 April 2021 13:50) : <a href=""></a>
  Profile     Message Tommy15 ( 13 April 2021 13:53) : <a href=""></a>
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