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A game created by clockworkmonster
Website (http://...)

Feed the fly, get powerups and avoid spiders and wasps.

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A game created by clockworkmonster
Translated by clockworkmonster

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  Profile     Message ligoba5494 ( 7 August 2022 17:28) : great

  Profile     Message joeanderson ( 27 September 2022 04:14) : myWarBible enjoys the game.
  Profile     Message Jellymin ( 21 January 2023 15:30) : This is a highly recommended game. Will play this with friends in jewelry store austin
  Profile     Message minhatkins1786 ( 10 February 2023 04:24) : this flash game is addictive but too short I used all my time to play it. I want more levels though. Towing Services Plainfield
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