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Jump Knight

A game created by davidw
Website (http://...)

An awsome game I made.

Get to the Flashing stone on the right as fast as you can.

Left arrow key or key 1 to jump one space, down arrow or key 2 to jump two spaces, right key or key 3 to jump three spaces.

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A game created by davidw
Translated by davidw

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  Profile     Message abdussamed ( 16 August 2008 23:18) : hey jp first second look save deleted

  Profile     Message jp ( 18 August 2008 10:31) : Hey sorry I don't understand. What do you mean ?
  Profile     Message Türkiye54 ( 15 October 2008 15:45) : ya bunası birÅŸey ya

  Profile     Message Madmardigan ( 5 February 2022 13:34) : Use your mouse to guide the dragon down the tunnel by avoiding the walls. How long can you survive? Wrought Iron Fence
  Profile     Message Clarie ( 18 February 2022 14:51) : Thank you so much for this game. Great work. Hire the best in town
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