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Flash Snake

A game created by Kazur
Website (http://...)

Get as many apples as possible.
Use the arrow keys to steer the snake.

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A game created by Kazur
Translated by Polio1

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  Profile     Message Naco Lee ( 3 July 2008 20:58) : yılan zafiyet geçirdi be!

  Profile     Message vala24 ( 22 October 2008 11:54) : sono veramente simpatica!!!
  Profile     Message lucasdesousa_BR ( 17 July 2009 04:18) : jogo muito manero mane
eu to avisando , o brasil vai tomar a liderança desse ranking aew ! o brasil tah potente !
  Profile     Message Clarie ( 18 February 2022 14:42) : Love this game. I have this on my phone. Thanks. Speak with a professional
  Profile     Message jackslesly19 ( 6 September 2022 01:13) : I think we need to bring more ideas for this purpose. Get more at reparación canalón roto
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