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Nano Bot

A game created by wakeforestgames
Website (http://...)

Guide Nano Bot through a series of malfunctioning computer circuits to make critical repairs and save the lives of everyone aboard your ship. Use the mouse to feed coordinates to Nano Bot and guide him to the swirling exit. Be efficient with your moves, Nano Bot gains a little speed each time. Don't touch any walls. Glowing red areas are shorts in the circuit and will give Nano Bot a massive speed boost. Green "grounded" areas allow Nano Bot to release extra energy and slow down. Use the cursor keys or A,S/X,W,D to scroll the screen.

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A game created by wakeforestgames
Translated by wakeforestgames

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  Profile     Message To1ne ( 2 September 2007 18:06) : Still a great game!!!
  Profile     Message Grant ( 17 March 2022 14:37) : Nice game. Thanks for sharing this !
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