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Website (http://...)
Country : United States
Registration 14 November 2006 14:45
Latest visit 27 March 2007 23:18

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Nano Bot   7932 points. Rank : 56

3 3596 7932 5057 19 November 2006 11:57

Latest update : 17 January 2020 00:32

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  Profile     Message wakeforestgames ( 16 November 2006 17:35) : I didn't erase any high scores. The site admin must have made that decision after I fixed a bug in the game that allowed people to cheat.

Did you beat the high score shown on your game screen. The game will only submit a high score if you beat your previous high score. If the scores on Pepere have been cleared then there will be a difference.

You can clear your high score by deleting your Flash sharedobjects (this is where I'm storing your local high score).
C:Documents and SettingsYOURUSERNAMEApplication DataMacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjectsSOME_SESSION_ID_#www.pepere.orgworkflash-game_100.swfunlockedCheckNanoBot1.sol

This will set your high score back to 0 and allow you to log new high scores.
  Profile     Message wakeforestgames ( 16 November 2006 18:59) : Yes...doing that will clear the high score from your game. Sorry for your troubles. I didn't know they were going to clear high scores from Pepere.
  Profile     Message wakeforestgames ( 16 November 2006 19:26) : Steering with the keys was a bug. I gave Pepere a version with the bug fixed. Are you still able to steer it with the arrow keys...hopefully not.

thanks for the nice comments. I am a 1 man show on this game (no QA or testers) so I apologize for any bugs.
  Profile     Message wakeforestgames ( 16 November 2006 19:47) : How do you do this? I can't seem to make it happen
  Profile     Message milesoftrials ( 3 July 2007 03:30) : i like this game. What would be the price range to buy a game like this?
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