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ZIAG! - The Simplest Game On Earth

A game created by spaceplant
Website (http://...)

How many times can you click your mouse? No time limit, no hurry, no challenge. Just keep clicking until you can't handle it anymore!

There's no real gameplay here. It's just a matter of how long someone might actually bother to click. I couldn't help throwing in a few bonus things that fly around once in a while though.

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A game created by spaceplant
Translated by spaceplant

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  Profile     Message _SABINA_ ( 22 April 2010 13:55) : ale oszustwo!!! mialam okolo 10 tysiecy i mi sie gra zawiesila!!!
  Profile     Message DźgPL ( 23 October 2010 11:57) : na explorerze na ok. 2000 sie zawieesza a na Google'ach dziaÅ‚a normalnie tylko muli jak macie wiecej pkt
  Profile     Message Jevsie ( 18 August 2021 01:57) : Interesting game [ google]
  Profile     Message heatherbergh ( 28 October 2021 11:31) : I'm blaming my old mouse on this game. credit repair birmingham
  Profile     Message MyBiz ( 5 November 2021 09:34) : I really agree with you! Truly the simpliest game on earth!

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