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A game created by admin

Using the mouse, gather batteries for bonuses and avoid getting caught between the quickly moving walls.

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A game created by admin
Translated by admin

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  Profile     Message xdigox ( 8 August 2009 20:50) :
  Profile     Message fabio_colorado ( 25 March 2010 19:18) : Agora sim !!!!!
  Profile     Message fabio_colorado ( 25 March 2010 19:19) : Resultado muito expressivo. Quero ver alguém bate-lo !!!!!
  Profile     Message Åšniek ( 19 October 2010 15:22) : jeb sie kurwa na ryj fabio_colorado
  Profile     Message heatherbergh ( 3 November 2021 06:43) : Nice game! roofing companies wadsworth, have fun playing!
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