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A game created by gamingmonkey
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Use the arrow keys to expand and contract the spinning stick, try and collect the blocks with the black end of the centrifuge. Avoid the red bombs otherwise it's game over!

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A game created by gamingmonkey
Translated by gamingmonkey

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  Profile     Message Polio1 ( 20 June 2006 14:09) : What r ur tactics? Mine's shrinking after taking every one, if it is too dangerous to take it. Is this a good tactic, or are there better ones?
  Profile     Message d0nn0r ( 20 June 2006 17:34) : mine tactic is tooooo play realy fast until i have 1000 and then realy careful
  Profile     Message X-man ( 6 July 2006 05:54) : my tactics are to not shrink but to have it in the midle as much as posible, your reaction is faster there and it moves faster there. i never play careful and always take risks, it is a realy easy game.
  Profile     Message talha_2752 ( 15 July 2006 05:05) : oley 680 yaptım
  Profile     Message stevernofski ( 28 September 2006 17:07) : he!!! what's the tactic in this game myne hihgscore is just 50
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Best of the month X-man 70 points.