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Ringmania 2

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Ringmania 2

The sequel of [gameid=25]Ringmania[/gameid].

In [b]Ringmania 2[/b], you control the rings with the mouse and you must face the floating rings appearing from the top of the screen.

[b]The strategy of the game is based on these few statements[/b] :

- When a set of 3 rings of the same colour are connected, they explode. [b]All remaining rings that are not connected anymore to a "Black bubble" also explode[/b].

- When a floating ring gets out of the board, the left and right walls are getting closer.

- [b]When all rings of a given colour have exploded, no more rings of this colour appears[/b] (unless a remaining floating ring of this colour get stuck again on your rings).

- The game is over when you don't have enough space to move the rings.

A [gameid=43]level editor[/gameid] is available.

By the way, for the first time, there isn't a "REPLAY" function on this game. When the game is controled by the mouse and lasts so long, it becomes very hard to record all the events. That's why...


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