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Babboon & friends

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The story: This is a sequel to the World of Archoon, where only archers and balloons live. The struggle continues. Babboon and his friends have risen in rebellion and build a comunity of irritating balloons that escape your arrows. You must shoot them down as fast as possible to win the game and enter the highscores. Good luck brave archer...

The controls: Click on the mouse button to strike back the string of the bow and release the button to shoot. Tip 1: Aim at the nearest balloon and try to hit as accurately as possible. Tip 2: Click on the highscore list to view a demo performed by the best players.

The comments: There are 2 way of playing the game, the "machine gun" one and the "slowly but surely" one. Maybe the combination of the 2 techniques might be the key...
Built with processing and Proguard

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Et spil fremstillet af jp

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  Profil     Besked harrisonlee93 ( 5 april 2021 10:03) : So now that everyone is doomed by pandemic and we are at home regularly, I ran into this game and was hooked instantly. Unfortunately, my mom has been very competitive about it so now, she at t he top level.
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  Profil     Besked olivia96 ( 24 juni 2021 04:20) : [PagerDuty Engineering Blog](https://www.pagerduty.com/eng/)
  Profil     Besked olivia96 ( 24 juni 2021 04:21) : PagerDuty Engineering Blog
  Profil     Besked Jellymin ( 15 november 2021 14:43) : Amazing game. I had so much fun while playing this game.
Deck and Fence
  Profil     Besked chaiski ( 5 december 2021 01:37) : I tried to get the highest score. But so hard, yet it's fun. I love this game.

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