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14 aprile 2008 08:40
     ClickClickClick is a game of... Well... Clicking. To click you have to enter the security code. There are two buttons to help your progress: Autoclick and Turboclick.
Autoclick makes the number of clicks go up quickly, but theres also a quicker way for you to get your stats up: Turboclick. This button makes the numbers go to 999 in just two minutes.
Theres a grade of your clicking stats. Grades are not so important, if you don't want to get crazy about this.
You can follow the world chart of the points. This chart tells you what country is in what place.
Fun game, if you like clicking!Italiano

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  Profilo     Messaggio spaceplant ( 14 aprile 2008 13:19) : That's hardly a game, and not fun to "play" either.
  Profilo     Messaggio jp ( 15 aprile 2008 09:31) : Yep, the gameplay is basic
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