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Hedgedog launch

1 ottobre 2008 12:57
     The game looks stupid at first but, be careful, it's highly addictive. Your goal is to launch a hedgedog in the outer space. You start with very few means, but days after days, you collect coins and you can improve, the launcher, the rockets etc... Left and right arrows to move the hedgehog, and additional keys when you upgrade it with a parachute and an e-rocket. I succeeded in 20 days (game days), but some made it in 6 days.Italiano

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  Profilo     Messaggio Bardan ( 16 dicembre 2008 21:44) : Super! 19 jours le premier coup (utile: on peut bouger de droite à gauche en plein vol, je le savais pas au début ^^)
Seulement 5 jours au bout du 3e essai (au 4e jour j'ai atteint 4417 ft, presque!)
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