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5 maggio 2008 15:28
     '3D Logic II - Stronghold Of Sage' is a sequal to the famous 3D Logic game. During the time between first part and the second the game has been under a massive graphical makeover. Everything seems to be improved! In this one you can select "Story Mode". During this mode you will see a text about colours after every level.
The object of the game is simple: Connect the coloured tiles. When you select a colour you must connect it to the other using only grey tiles (if you colour the wrong tile press Ctrl and click the tile). You can't connect colours diagonally and by using black tiles. You complete the level after every colour is connected you will move to the next one. Note that when you move your mouse, the box rotates to the opposite direction (except when you press spacebar) and that you don't need to click every grey tile - click and drag your mouse instead. This game is produced by AlexMatveev.
Similiar game, with very similiar levels: Hyper frameItaliano

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