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Line Rider BETA 2

7 Maig 2008 09:19
     The Line Rider is back with BETA 2 version! This time you have these new tools to build your track: Acceleration pen, Scenery pen, line and flag. Acceleration makes the sleigh to go faster as it touches the line. Scenery lines does not effect the sleigh in anyway. Line tool creates straight lines of your choosing. While you are testing the track you've made, you can save the position and speed you had when you press the flag. When editing the track, press H for help.
If you want to quit but continue sometime later press the disc button. If you want to see something amazing watch some of the movies that the talented users have recorded.
There's no spesific goal so have fun!

Remember the first BETA Line Rider and two other 'draw your level' games: Paintball and Draw Play.Català

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  Perfil     Missatge ismael ( 9 Maig 2008 16:56) : trop cool !!!!
  Perfil     Missatge Williomee ( 1 Març 2012 03:01) : Maladdddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
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