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Domo-Kun Angry
This awsome game featuring lovely pixel graphics and cute animations, looks and is played like an old game. But it's brand new. It's 4 months of work by Tom Fulp. Each level has varied play mechanics, but you can always control Domo-Kun using the arrow keys to move and the 'A' key to attack. It's roughly 2megs, so, be patient while loading.
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megjegyzések(2) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Wack Brickz II
This game uses the classic concept of the brick breaker games like the famous Arkanoïd and spice it up with visual effects like waves and distortions. If you like it, try this other game developed by kek: Vomiting snake.
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megjegyzések(3) - Submitted by jp / Translated by Wormhole www.taateli.com
Mission Ninety One
"Mission ninety one" is a puzzle game released by Newdata Software (UK) in 1986 on Spectrum. You must collect all blinking squares in a limited time to complete each level. Controls: A,Q,O,P. As for all spectrum games you can find in this incredible directory (worldofspectrum.org), the graphics are basic but the game play is very inventive.
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megjegyzések(1) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Lunar Invaders
Inspired by the classic "Space invaders", this java game developed by Ben Librojo adds power-ups, explosive special effects, and a large assortment of weapons to the original game. Arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.
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megjegyzések(1) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Yet another 80s classic game from the Midway arcade treasures. Insert coins play as kind of king-kong in the streets of an american city and try to destroy as many buildings as possible. Keep an eye on the army soldiers, tanks and helicopters that try to shoot you down.
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megjegyzések(1) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Robotron: 2084
Here comes another game running on the shockwave arcade emulator developed by Digital Eclipse Software for Midway and Macromedia. "Robotron: 2084" is an action arcade shooter designed by Eugene Jarvis. All humans are endangered by the robots of their own creation. You must save the last human family, fighting against robots and touching humanoïds to save them. Don't forget to insert coins on the right part of the game to start playing.

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megjegyzések(0) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Due to the signing of a licensing agreement between Midway and Macromedia, many Midway games are now available for free. You will require a shockwave plug in (the arcade emulator) to be installed prior to your first game. The game is played by collision with the higher lance being the winner. Score points after your victory by grabbing the egg. You can play with either the keyboard or game pad.
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megjegyzések(1) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jennalynn6
Mortal Kombat-Halálos összecsapás
A nenecromanthus.com-on található Shockwave-s Mortal Kombat verziót eredetileg 1994-ben a Midway cég dolgozta ki egyfajta válaszként a népszerű Street Fighter 2 játékra.
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megjegyzések(1) - Submitted by jp / Translated by andris.basket@freemail.hu
SouthPark Pinball
This is game is based on the television show Southpark. Try this excellent pinball style game, inspired by the cartoon. 1 or 2 players.
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megjegyzések(2) - Submitted by dewas / Translated by jennalynn6
Wings of Fury
This is a flash clone of a game made by Broderbund Software (Colon Fox) in 1987 that was played on Amiga. Control the plane with the arrow keys, C to change weapon, A to shoot, Y to shoot heavy weapon. Take off and simply destroy all ennemies waiting for you on the island.
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megjegyzések(5) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
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