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2006年 8月 24日 13:20
     The Japanese people are some of the most creative people of the world. This java game developed by Jos "oNyx" Hirth, for the java 4K contest 2006, is proof of this statement. Don't be fooled by what appears to be a very simple game. Although not difficult to master, it is extremely hard to stay alive for more than a few minutes. You fight a succession of spiraling light pattern "bosses". Each one sends out a different pattern of light "bullets". You "ship" is a blue circle with the white pixel in the middle of it. Your outer blue circle must come in contact with the "bosses" light pattern without any of them touching your white pixel core which is your heart or life. While in contact with the enemy light pattern, "bullets" fly out from your core to hit the core of the "boss". Once enough of your bullets have hit the enemy it explodes and the next "boss" begins it's light pattern. Be careful of the exploding pieces though, if one of them touches your "core" you lose a life and you only have three. It is quite a simple game in that there is no need to shoot or aim as it all happens automatically. Your main focus will be on keeping your outer circle in contact with the enemy light pattern so that you produce more bullets and defeat the enemy more quickly while keeping your white "core" away from contact with any part of the "bosses" light pattern. Don't let the beauty and uniqueness of the light patterns distract you as you work your "ship" around the screen.日本語


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  プロフィール     メッセージ manubiwan ( 2006年 8月 28日 19:18) : Avec quel programme ou application ouvre-t-on ou fait t'on marcher ce jeu. Parce que je ne vois pas comment ...Merci d'avance.
  プロフィール     メッセージ jp ( 2006年 8月 29日 16:01) : Il faut installer java sur ta machine.
  プロフィール     メッセージ manubiwan ( 2006年 8月 29日 17:07) : Oki, merci, sa marche mieux :D

  プロフィール     メッセージ the2bears ( 2007年 1月 22日 16:23) : The game description implies oNyx is Japanese. I don't think he is
  プロフィール     メッセージ jp ( 2007年 1月 22日 16:25) : I'll check this thanks