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30 marec 2006 07:34
     This game is an UFO in the world of online games, you must absolutely try it. It's about evolution of species and biology, maybe we could call it a "Genetic game". In the first stages you think the game has no point. In fact your goal is to dive as deep as possible and escape the predators. Eat and evolve to face the predators which are becoming more and more agressive. Use Mouse Cursor to guide your creature. Hold on Left Mouse Button to accelerate. Red pill makes you dive down. Blue brings you back up.Slovensky

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  Profil     Odkaz jp ( 2 apríl 2006 21:41) : I agree Komix, but others find it boring after a while. It's an excellent concept and performance but maybe it lacks a little addition of fun.
  Profil     Odkaz Ike ( 4 apríl 2006 14:12) : Je le conseil a tous c tres tres fort
  Profil     Odkaz kakashi ( 5 apríl 2006 13:02) : sa m'enerve chez moi sa marche pas qu'est ce que je peux faire?

  Profil     Odkaz kakashi ( 5 apríl 2006 21:45) : et sa se termine ou pas ?

  Profil     Odkaz lapin ( 17 apríl 2006 15:12) : alors sa se termine aprés le serpen qui a plein de vies il y a plus de niveaux ..... vraiment dommage!!!
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