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Up Beat

7 március 2008 09:37
     This game is fun! The game is about hitting a certain button at the right time. Up beat has atleast 9 songs: 2 easy, 2 medium, 5 hard. Get combos by pressing the buttons many times at the right time in a row. If you miss one, the bar on the top-right corner gets fuller and to get it reserted, you have to hit the buttons (again) in the right time! You may need to press several buttons at the right time. There are 6 different states for a button. You can miss, bad (late), good (little late), great (before), Excellent (just before) and perfect (right time). Aim for the perfect.
The buttons: A, S, D, Space bar, J, K, L.

[JP's comment] This flash game is of course inspired by the mega console hit Guitar hero.Magyar

Submitted by Wormhole
Translated by Wormhole

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