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Flea World

28 juli 2006 08:39
     This game gives the appearance of a very basic early platform game. But instead, each level is interesting, creative, and distinctly different, with some levels being extremely challenging. You have three timer clocks representing your three lives. Using your mouse, you must get all the "Fleas" to the exit door in the time allowed or you lose a life. Holding the left mouse button down will make them jump higher.
Each level has a variety of different obstacles to overcome with the goal being all the "Fleas" arriving at the exit portal in time. Along the way they will push buttons, activate fans and cannons, swim, collect various items for points and keys to open exits. You can herd them one at a time to the doorway or you can try and keep them together.
Some levels require a variety of different methods of movement and you have to figure out how to get the "Fleas" through each situation.
It's very similar to taking a group of young children a toy store. They scatter in ten different directions, each doing their own thing when all you want to do is keep them together and get them out the door in the shortest amount of time possible.Dansk

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