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Home Computer Wars: Alpha Mission

Un gioco creato da 8bitrocket
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In this classic shoot them up you fight against waves old computers (Atari etc...). Arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot.

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Un gioco creato da 8bitrocket
Tradotto da 8bitrocket

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  Profilo     Messaggio karelin ( 15 marzo 2008 00:40) : How long it was ! Nefrit, I don't think I'll try to beat your score another time. So you can take again your first rank, if you're patient enough...In any case, I love Russia
  Profilo     Messaggio Nefrit ( 15 marzo 2008 01:19) : i said for me it's boring and not interesting - killing many times last boss and myself. By the way every time I killed boss earlier than lifes were over - shooted more, than I should to Better try to play earlier game - EsTension))
  Profilo     Messaggio karelin ( 15 marzo 2008 23:43) : I agree. It's not very exciting to play at least 80 times the last boss!
Perhaps the solution is not to give an extra life every 10000, so that the game can stop by itself.
About EsTension, I don't like a lot (and it doesn't too...)
  Profilo     Messaggio tom90cuc99dia08 ( 15 gennaio 2009 22:07) : buono: 3/5
  Profilo     Messaggio fabio_colorado ( 17 marzo 2010 00:09) : 1o Lugar ...
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