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13 Maj 2006
Almost every day game developers send their latest creations to Pepere to be considered for inclusion on our site. One example, is an excellent new game myDiamon by allardp. Two incredible new Java games, miners4K and Fastshoot 2 have also been added recently. The second game is a sequel developed by mig who although already very skilled, somehow manages to amaze us each time he submits a new game to Pepere. qplaygames, has also created some new games which have been added to our growing list. They are, Cold Fusion and my personal favourite, Cyballs
I would like to thank all the developers who have put their trust in Pepere and allowed us to showcase their innovative and creative new games.
Game developers create games for all of us to enjoy and the only way to improve or perfect these games is through feedback from players like you. Please don't hesitate to post constructive comments or suggestions that you think will enhance the games. Giving the game a fair and honest rating also helps improve the creative process. This type of interest, encouragement and even criticism will help the developers improve their craft and hone their skills. This is a win/win opportunity for both players and developers. Players get to "test drive" one of a kind new games and developers are given an opportunity to receive valuable input and encouragement.

A new Pepere game is in the final stages of development and will soon be released. It is based on a soccer theme and will be called, Soccer Challenge...

Many of you have played the newest Pepere game, Ringmania 2. I am happy to say that I have received very good feedback from members and I would like to thank all those who took the time to submit their comments.

I would like to make some changes which I think will improve website.
The first is to create a forum devoted to helping Flash and Java game developers.
Next I am considering a newsletter which members can sign up for. It would come in the form of an email notification letting members know when new games have been added to the site.
It may also be interesting to create sub-categories and include new games in the "Pepere Fights".
Another idea that is under consideration, is a system, possibly using polls, to encourage members to provide opinions and suggestions about what they would like to see added or changed on the site in the future.
Our priority still remains the development of new games, so it may be some time before you see these ideas developed and put into place. ^_^.

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  Profil     Meddelande jp ( 18 Maj 2006 16:32) : Yep you're right, you're a good private . The page is only available for the administrators (included Coen) and those who wish to beta test the game. But it's nearly ready now, so there's no need for further beta test. I have nearly completed another game on soccer with the same engine that will be released by 2 or 3 weeks too.
  Profil     Meddelande Oris.Marii ( 18 Maj 2006 19:35) : I see
It's probably just as hard as basketball challenge which means I'll suck at it ^^
  Profil     Meddelande jp ( 22 Maj 2006 14:57) : Well, the game is released, we'll see if you suck at it or not .
  Profil     Meddelande Oris.Marii ( 22 Maj 2006 20:48) : 4th for now.. but it's just out so we'll see :P It's easier than basketball challenge anyway
  Profil     Meddelande Coen ( 30 Maj 2006 13:09) : Easier than basketball, no way!
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