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Cavern Flier

A game created by mrsneeze
Website (http://...)

Fly as high as you can! Use the arrow keys or WASD to fly the ship, and space fires.

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A game created by mrsneeze
Translated by mrsneeze

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  Profile     Message RedleyT ( 19 January 2009 19:45) : WTF!!!
  Profile     Message jasmine ( 2 June 2009 15:58) : buda hileli yaaaa
  Profile     Message artorius3 ( 27 June 2009 14:54) : mon score s'inscrit pas c'est pas normal -_-
  Profile     Message artorius3 ( 29 June 2009 18:54) : ah ça y est =) mieux
  Profile     Message jacques911 ( 8 September 2009 01:51) : artorius j'espere te revoir !

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