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2006年 一月 31日 07:48
     Philipp Seifried has taken a simple idea and created an excellent little game. The beautiful background graphics and music make for a very sweet but surprisingly difficult game. Collect the green bubbles while avoiding the purple ones. After you collect three or more green bubbles on your cursor, touch a blue bubble to pop them and collect your points. The more bubbles collected at one time the higher the score. When collecting bubbles or dropping them off, make certain that no part of either the green or blue bubble is touching a purple one or the game is over. 汉语(简体)

提交 jp
翻译 jennalynn6

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  个人资料     留言 Komix ( 2006年 一月 31日 13:35) : nice
  个人资料     留言 Filou ( 2006年 一月 31日 14:07) : le liens est mort ...
  个人资料     留言 Filou ( 2006年 一月 31日 14:11) : oups ça remarche !