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Juego creado por: popoyl

Arkanoid-like game with 15 levels, several bonus items and a special multiball feature (you can have infinite balls on screen).
A level editor is integrated in the game so you can create your own levels and play them by selecting "Play uiser-defined levels" button.
Your own levels are stored into your hard-disk so they don't disappear when you quit the game.

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Juego creado por: popoyl
Traducido por popoyl

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  Perfil     Mensaje akad ( 16 octubre 2006 12:38) : arkadaÅŸlar en azından oyunu bitirmeye çalışalım

  Perfil     Mensaje QsQ ( 25 mayo 2007 11:11) : pfff, at level 12 the game got into a dead lock.
Ball kept on bouncing at the left side between the bricks at the upper corner, middle and down corner. There should be some resetting.
  Perfil     Mensaje jakk ( 24 agosto 2007 11:47) : la balle peut rester coincé dans la partie droite au niveau 5 et ne jamais redescendre
the ball can remain wedged in the right part on level 5 and never not go down again

  Perfil     Mensaje marcumharrison1 ( 30 junio 2021 00:13) : Nice
  Perfil     Mensaje marcumharrison1 ( 30 junio 2021 00:22) : This is my first time to know this game. Maybe because this is not very popular, unlike the game I played right now. Yes, I was playing a different game right now. The graphics and gameplay are more advance in this game. The game name is Tap Titans 2, this is a type of clicker game. This game is very interesting, wanna play it? Visit my page here, you will see the homepage link I added to my account page. Don't forget to also check the list of free gacha games there. Thanks

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