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FastShoot 2

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New version of Fastshoot. Enemy spaceships are more tougher and gameplay was added with survival bonus and powerups to pick all along the game.
Good luck!

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  Perfil     Missatge X-man ( 9 Maig 2006 06:06) : evry time i get to waveblaster and shoot at the mothership it won't distroy, on cannon remains and the rest of the ship remains to...
  Perfil     Missatge sloni_necker ( 9 Maig 2006 10:08) : I just said - the remain cannon will be destroy by your own ship. Directly by its "body"
  Perfil     Missatge Oris.Marii ( 17 Maig 2006 07:54) : I believe that's a highscore! weee! (Albeit only 10th..)
I was about to ask what I was supposed to do, since you didn't get any powerups after the first two waves, when I noticed that the powerups were back! I still managed to die though...
  Perfil     Missatge sloni_necker ( 15 Juny 2006 19:14) : first tip : in the left up corner you can catch some powerup (close by destroying the mothership). There is a one powerup in the one game cycle.
  Perfil     Missatge sloni_necker ( 30 Setembre 2006 17:35) : I have message for all loosers: the asteroids contains that things what you need to destroy the remaining cannon... (w asteroidach znajdziecie to czego najbardziej wam brakuje do zniszczenia ostatniego działka)
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