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Warp Forest

9 agosto 2006 08:39
     From Arseniy Shklyaev, the russian author of Rumble ball and Orbox, here comes his brand new puzzle game, Warp Forest. The object is to collect all of the keys to activate the exit. Use the arrow keys and "D" to move the car. Look for special deformed trees and treasure boxes that hide additional power-ups. Press "A" or "S" to fire the car's laser or special charges. Levels seems to be carefuly designed and the difficulty is just about right to challenge your mind without discouraging you.Español

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  Perfil     Mensaje artorius3 ( 11 agosto 2006 15:19) : Je suis bloqué au niveau 12
  Perfil     Mensaje pamp ( 22 agosto 2006 14:09) : i don´t like it do much,but other can like it
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