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The Upside Down Show Game
This Flash toy was produced by Say Design (You need Flash 8 intalled) and it's nicely done and might inspire a lot of flash game designers. Draw an object with virtual pencils, choose a video, and play it. Look! Your object is in the movie!
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megjegyzések(1) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Bottle capper
You must shoot as many bottle caps as possible (not the bottle themselves!) in limited time. Addictive and fun!
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megjegyzések(3) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Hovercraftty is an innovative and addictive game from Martin (Sweden) (see also his previewly reviewed game). You must lead the hovercraft to the target pills. Click with the mouse on the anchor points to latch on them and set the direction of the hovercraft. Release the mouse button to detach the rope. Catch as many pills as possible before the time runs out.
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megjegyzések(0) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Swallows (Fecskék) egy kìsérleti és egy sok ùjìtást hozó játékMartin (Svédország).
A játék szabályai a következök:
"Igyekezz a kókuszdiót a körben tartani. Klikkelj és mozdisd el a madarakat hogy kötelet készìts.Klikkelj a madarakra hogy csapkodják a szárnyaikat.Klikkelj a kókuszdióra hogy megnehezìsd. Ha a kókuszdió elhagyja a képernyöt, elveszted a pontjaid számának felét!" Sok szerencsét!
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Line Rider - BETA
As the slovenian author (whose pseudo is fsk) says, "It's not a game, it's a toy". You create a track with the pencil tool (you can move the drawing area with the hand tool, to design huge levels) and then you click "Play" to launch the penguin on the track. Addictive and fun.
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megjegyzések(6) - Submitted by opiokalos93 / Translated by jp
Dolphin Olympics
Dolphin Olympics is a simple and addictive game by Alan Rawkins. Do tricks with a dolphin to score as many points as possible in 2 minutes. You also run for the biggest splash, the longest jump, and the highest jump. Use the arrow keys to control the dolphin (left and right to flip, up to accelerate, and down to roll/regain energy).
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megjegyzések(5) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Roly Poly
Roly Poly is an excellent little puzzle action game developed by the Nitrome team the authors of the excellent Hot air game. Click and drag to rotate the landscape and to drive the funny hedgehog to the goal of each level, in limited time. While you reach the higher levels, new traps will appear on the play field like spikes and bombs. Associating an excellent artwork and an innovative gameplay, Nitrome has once again developed a cute and highly enjoyable puzzle game. Read this interview of Matthew Annal from Nitrome by Eric from freegamenews to learn more about Nitrome.
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megjegyzések(2) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Another addictive game from Japan using an original concept. To travel as far as possible, you use your mouse, to "throw" your string onto the ceiling, somewhat like Spiderman.If you like this game you may also want to try New Rolling Omusubi.
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megjegyzések(5) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jennalynn6
Jelly Tanks is an awsome toy developed by Drew Cummins for his Thesis project, based on a realistic physical simulation engine. It's inspired from the SodaPlay project which is valuable too but a little bit complicated. JellyTanks has been designed for fun and easy understanding. You must first register (no email verification) and then create your first tank. Use the top menu to get into the editor and start adding wheels, masses and bones. Save your work and go to the playground through the top menu. The goal of the game is design an efficient tank that will pass all the obstacles of the playground and that's not easy at all...
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megjegyzések(5) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Fly Air France
The concept of this game is not new, it has some similarity to the Drifts game. The graphics and method of playing although similar is different enough to make it an enjoyable way to pass the time. The goal of he game is to keep your passengers comfortable and happy. To do so you must pick up in flight "Perks" along the way (these are the blue signs you will see in the sky). As with all airlines you want to keep your customers happy and so you will want to avoid the red signs that will make their trip unpleasant. The more "perks" you capture, the longer and further you will fly. According to the game info, if you do well enough to enter the highscore screen, you are eligible to win a pair of tickets from Air France.
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megjegyzések(1) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jennalynn6
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