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18 duben 2019 15:53
     Tycoon Online is an ooooold browser based business management game. Each session is about 70 days long. You create a company, then you create factories, produce, buy and sell goods to make money. You can buy and sell shares of your company but also other players companies. And many other things, that's a very complete game, that can teach you the bases of business. At the end of the 70 days period, the most valuable company wins. And another session begins... Česky

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  Profil     Zprava vzkaz jp ( 19 duben 2019 08:44) : New game added 2 years later, yeah !
  Profil     Zprava vzkaz Tuptam ( 14 kveten 2019 22:19) : HI!
Just created the account to say that I was (and probably still am) a HUGE fan of your work. This site was awesome for me while I was growing up. Damn, it has so nostalgic feel that I come back from time to time. So impressed it's still alive and even more shocked you came back recently :D

Just wanted to drop in some BIG THANKS! ^^
  Profil     Zprava vzkaz Bradley1508 ( 31 leden 2020 05:13) : What eaxctly is a browser based game?
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