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Still alive

20 Februari 2008
     Pepere is still alive!

Not many new games on pepere recently, but still adding 3 games a week on the online games directory with the great help of Wormhole and ...

I've been working a lot on a new project, a new site and new games. The new site is in test phase here : Bonus Level . Org. If you want to test it (for now it's not very fun, it's only testings), you need an invitation. Post here to get one (I will send it in PM).

The Capsules players, will immediately realize that is inspired by this game. Capsules is an incredible adventure with more than 322 official levels and 500 accepted levels created by the community! I thought that would be a great idea to build a site only dedicated to games with online editors.

So far, only 1 game on BL, but very soon 1 new game by tonypa and 1 new game by me (called Rolling Turtle using an engine similar to the one used in Jump gear). And one day Jump Gear 2 will be released on BL. So stay tuned.
[edit] Very soon Push & Jump gear 2.

I hope that later the games created on BL will be playable with highscores on

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  Profil     Meddelande trkzgr ( 25 Februari 2008 13:31) : id like to test too
  Profil     Meddelande jp ( 25 Februari 2008 22:07) : I sent you an invite. Thx
  Profil     Meddelande spaceplant ( 25 April 2008 19:20) : HAve you guys checked out Magic Pen yet? It's like crayon physics, but in flash, and actually better.
  Profil     Meddelande jp ( 28 April 2008 09:14) : Yep it's a wonderful game, already in the waiting list of the directory
  Profil     Meddelande old games :-) ( 28 Juli 2008 00:05) : <a href="">Pepere</a> rocks!! :-)
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