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These are the latest news :
[b]1)[/b] You have maybe noticed that the pages are now loading a lot faster on The website is now hosted on a brand new linux server to support the load of the increasing number of visitors. We have now the possibility to think about multiplayer games.
[b]2)[/b] Statistics by country are available now for 2xFlash games.
[b]3)[/b] Subscirbe to/Unsubscribe from the newsletter by editing your profile.
[b]4)[/b] [img][/img] The new game is out, a game between the classic "Save your base" and "Asteroïds" games, based on keyboard skills : [gameid=14]Save the earth[/gameid].
[b]5)[/b] Many new games ([gameid=15]Striking saints[/gameid], [gameid=12]Centrifuge[/gameid], [gameid=10]Diams[/gameid], ...) uploaded on the 2xFlash section by flash game developpers. We thank all of them for their creativity and for trusting


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