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Raiders of the lost Pépère
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Welcome to the adventures of Pepere, a kind little boy who is not very skilled with his hands...needs your help. It is up to you!
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Pépère on the rocks
Pépère and his trailer
Pépère and his car
Hand brake Pépère
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Parallel parking with use of the handbrake
Why not park it like this?
Another car and road game, but find something else
Pépère on the countryside has to swing by moving his head and feet
An idea of Roger and Unk: Pépère and his truck
Pépère, caught up in traffic, has to make it to the freeway
Pépère covered in snow, gliding on a circuit
Pépère out on the sea on his yacht, slaloming between buoys
Pépère skiing, surfing, slaloming
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The parallel parking
Truck under the coconuts
Artistic parallel parking
Circuit under the snow
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Welcome to «Annuaire pépère». This is a directory of online flash games selected by Pépère for their quality and their simplicity. It is translated in many languages owing to many net surfers who like Pépère. Thanks to all of you for your participation and your support to the «Pépère project»!
Annuaire pépère, its strength is its simplicity!
If you like Pepere, you can share it with your country fellows, by translating it in your favorite language. Just click on the country flags to view the translation pages.
adventures of Pépère
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The goal of the game is to complete a lap in either of the 2 routes as quickly as possible.
To start the game, click on «Play» or press 's', and then use the cursor keys to drive.
Don't reload the page to restart, there is «Stop» button for this. And above all, don't cheat, it's very easy to do, and there is no interest.
The comments must be written in french or english, avoid insults and ads. Please respect this rule because this is a lot of work to moderate.
The goal of the game is to park the car.
The car is «parked» when the invisible points around the car are all in contact with the dark grey zone between the 2 cars.
The goal of the game is to park the trailer in reverse gear under the coconuts.
To start the game, click on «Play» and use the cursor keys.
You must use hand brakes (space bar) in order to gain as many artistic points as possible.
The trailer is «parked» when the invisible points around it are all in contact with the orange zone under the coconuts.
You can look at the replays of other players clicking on the up left green circle. As the number of replays is very high, a daily selection is done containing the best ones and a hundred of aleatory replays.
The %d best scores are kept in database, the 20 best scores with a link towards a (non adult) page are shown on the main page. Only one score by pseudo, don't be surprised if your former replays are deleted.
Those languages are currently translated by users, you can translate or modify a few words online to help us.
Love boat Pépère
The boat and the buoys
The goal of the game is to slalom between the buoys following arrows.
Wet level
Captain Pépère
Members to challenge
Motor sports
Multiplayer games
Flash games directory
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Air Magic Pépère
Pépère flash games laboratory
Welcome in Pépère laboratory. You will play here some flash games which will be later selected or not in the official Flash Games Adventures of Pépère. Your comments on these games are welcome.
news article
You develop flash games, java games, flash animation, shockwave games and you want to know what is the opinion of visitors and members about your work? Write to us.
You have proposals, ideas of improvement, you want to help the project? Write to us.
These are the administrators of They answer your questions, moderate the forums, translate this website in many languages, submit ideas, test the new games and the website, reference in their country etc.... Thanks to them for their great work. If you want to help and join the team too, write to us.
Administrators list
You can support the project without any money, just give us a little part of your time, your knowledge and your energy.
By clicking twice on the flag of your language, you will reach a page which contains the latest translations to be done. Even translating one word would be of a great service to us.
Why don't you join to as an administrator for your country ?
Share an interesting experiment and write articles in the news, about Macromedia flash, about online games, or any subject which can interest the visitors of, it is also possible, just write to us and explain what you want to say. can only reward articles by a link of your choice.
Talk about around you, put a link on a website, etc... You may use these banners.
Help us is a project without any budget, opened to suggestions and run by volunteers.
Practice the 3 points shot , no best scores, it's just for fun
Webmasters, copy this source code onto your website an you will see a new game icon and link, the latest online game selected by Pepere every day.
Game selected by
Plateforms game
Ability games
Equilibrium games
Old games
The elephant game
The distance contest
The splash contest is also programming its own flash games.
Members only area
Everyday a new game
Programmers, gamers and employers
Job offers
The newest games
Most played of the month
Best games of the month
«3xFlash» is a multilingual platform where the amateur or professional game programmers, gamers, and talent seekers can meet each other.
Submit a new game
Permission of the author is required for copying and using games and works shown on this website in other electronic, internet or printed publications.
Amateur, professional, freelance programmers or firms, this place is your place, sub,it your work and show your know-how, take advantage of the advice and praise of developers and players, and catch the job offers of recruiters.
Recruiters, simply submit a new job offer in the corresponding section which will be read by the developers of this network or look at the demonstrations and propose you offer directly to a programmer.
The best and most viewed games will be highlighted.
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basketball-billard game
The best players of the country
Read more
Discuss, learn, and share, the best way to improve yourself.
Put your games online, get back opinions, advices and glory for the best works.
Take up the challenge
Smart and small, the games must be under 200Kb
The source code in a compressed file .zip
You don't know where to start with?
2xFlash is a multilingual platform where the game programmers and gamers can meet each other.
Programmers and gamers
Avatar ( < 30Kb )
Only members can register their scores for these games.
Manage your highscores with this MX2004 / Flash 8 Actionscript 2 code example.
This code is valid only for your next uploaded game.
If you own a website, subscribe to google adsense, enter the following fields and 40% of the advertising banners displayed on your game pages will be yours.
For each new game you want to upload, you must obtain the parameter params in order to manage the highscores. Go on this page while being connected as a membre of to get the params value.
A game created by xyz
Member of the moment
The best players of the world are on Pepere!
Java games
On Pepere we are developing online games that can be played on your internet browser. We use Flash, Java and are opened to all upcoming technologies.
Since 2004, the «Pepere spirit» has gathered a strong community of %d players and game developers.
The exclusive games created by the team
The games developed by the members of
More and more talented games developers trust our platform to show their games to a large audience.
Since 2005, the team is also using this platform to present its games.
A selection of the most innovative and interesting games that can be played with your internet browser on other websites.
Pepere is translated in many languages thanks to the contribution of all visitors and members. We thank all of you for your support to the «Pepere project»!
And the winner is...
Here in Pepere we would like to play your games. We appreciate smart, light and quick games.
Game developers, submit your games here and get feedback and opinions from a community of experienced gamers
When you send a game to, we will share google adsense proffits with you.
This platform, which was originally designed for developing Flash-game, is also compatible with Java-games.
If you wish to do an online-game, you might find experienced people from the forums, who are willing to help you.
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The administrators of perform proof-reading, correction and validation of the translations done by the community. Do you speak English very well? Do you think you could spend a few hours per week with us on pepere? Don't hesitate to contact us.
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Translated by moranameli

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