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Country : Italy
Registration 5 November 2005 15:10
Latest visit 16 October 2006 19:43

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Latest update : 27 November 2020 12:06

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  Profile     Message jp ( 5 November 2005 23:22) : Thanks for your help, grazie!
  Profile     Message jp ( 15 December 2005 17:01) : Hi, for dragracer 3 you can make a shorter text if you wish
  Profile     Message jp ( 22 January 2006 15:40) : Sorry smeraldina, most of your enw translations were lost. I mamanged to recover the big article you translated about abandonware owing to google.
  Profile     Message smeraldina ( 22 January 2006 17:07) : Hello, why most of my translations got lost? I am happy that you managed to recover the big article about abandoware, it took quite a long time! What happended? Is that the reason why I'm translating the games once again? Thank you for writing?
  Profile     Message jp ( 22 January 2006 19:28) : As you translated the news, you know now why it happens. The hard drivewent down saturday morning. Hopefully I had download at my home a database copy on my personal computer. For the abandonware article, I was very sad and when I had the idea to search into the search engine caches, I was so happy to recover it .
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