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Pépère flash games laboratory - Online games

Welcome in Pépère laboratory. You will play here some flash games which will be later selected or not in the official Flash Games Adventures of Pépère. Your comments on these games are welcome.
Login before playing and your scores will be taken into account in your personal stats and group stats.
Flash game, Air Magic Pépère
Air Magic Pépère
Best of the month Cain 36 points (perfect:3 miss:5 bumps:42).
Best of the day Coen 19 points (perfect:3 miss:12 bumps:65).
Flash The elephant game
The elephant game
Best of the month Rodrigo.Riveros 564.02m & Rodrigo.Riveros 330.81.
Best of the day Rodrigo.Riveros 564.02m & Rodrigo.Riveros 341.73m³.
Bilboquet game
Bilboquet game
Best of the month Coen 4 points.
Best of the day Coen 4 points.
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