Waterbomber - loja
Drejtoria Lojrat


13 Gusht 2007 05:37
     In this nicely done game, your goal is to get water onto the lake and to drop it on the fires. Avoid the birds and the ground of course and don't let the plane dive when getting the water. Use the arrow keys to set the speed and the altitude of the water-bomber. This game is surprisingly addictive. A little tip, you are more efficient when being closer to the fire.Shqip

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Mesazhi fundit Mesazhi  fundit
  Profili     Mesazh jakk ( 13 Gusht 2007 21:10) : Trés bon jeu, mais dommage qu'il faille toujours repasser par le niveau 1 après un crash dans les niveaux suivants
  Profili     Mesazh To1ne ( 14 Gusht 2007 12:23) : So much fun!! Indeed, you should have 3 or even 5 lives in the beginning.
And level 2 is way to hard for level 2, the difficulty should not raise that fast!!

EDIT: 44% to go in level 2: 36777 points!
  Profili     Mesazh Warlock ( 22 Shtator 2008 04:17) : como eu pego a agua????
  Profili     Mesazh dhj ( 12 Maj 2010 14:32) : bon
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