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Asteroids Mulltiplayer

24 October 2006 05:31
     Despite there aren't any asteroids in this game, it uses the same design and the same controls as the famous Asteroids game. You fight in real time against other human players like you, unfortunately the server is very ofen full.

Submitted by jp
Translated by jp

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  Profile     Message Komix ( 29 October 2006 21:25) : always full... what a pitty
  Profile     Message jp ( 30 October 2006 07:00) : Yep, they should implement a waiting list.
  Profile     Message JK ( 31 October 2006 13:54) : J'y ai toujours pas joué : Server Full
  Profile     Message Komix ( 31 October 2006 22:52) : Guess we ll just have to wait till it leaves this frontpage
  Profile     Message jp ( 1 November 2006 16:44) : I don't think so, it was already full just before I add it
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