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30 May 2007 04:25
     Weirdville is a neat platformer developed by Romania's Gamesheep team which uses the arrow keys to move and "K" to restart a level. The object is to collect as many coins as you can, while avoiding traps. Don't stay under water too long or you'll drown and lose a life. Reaching the red flag will send you to the next level.

Submitted by jp
Translated by jennalynn6

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  Profile     Message Miyaka22 ( 16 July 2021 15:32) : Don't stay under water too long or you'll drown and lose a life.
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  Profile     Message samjewel ( 4 August 2021 05:08) : I haven't played this. I am quite an explorer and a picky gamer, I usually check reviews first.
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