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A game created by ggg1986
Website (http://...)

move block - [Arrow keys]
rotate - [Space]

You play on square field. A block fall down the playing field. You can manipulate these block: moving each one sideways (using arrow keys) and rotating (using space key). Your aim is creating a horizontal line without gaps. When a line is created, it disappears, and the blocks above fall. The game ends when when the stack of elements reaches the top of the playing field and no new element are able to enter.

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A game created by ggg1986
Translated by ggg1986

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  Profile     Message To1ne ( 2 September 2007 17:16) : @jakk, je pense ggg1986 a fait beaucoup de travaille dans cette jeu. Vous avez raison de dire "c'est ne pas nouveau" et "encore une autre tetris jeu", mais un petit peut de respect peut. Regardez sur il site pour le "Ball3D" jeu, c'est tres bon et joli!!!

@game54, il y a un faut sur le jeu, le score n'est pas enregistré. Le jeu sera adapté...
(Je m'excuse pour mon mal Francais, mais je suis Flamand)

@ggg1986: I really love the Ball3d game on your site!!!
  Profile     Message ggg1986 ( 2 September 2007 18:14) : Sorry, game not adds new scores . I found a bug, and I try to update it.
  Profile     Message trkzgr ( 2 September 2007 18:37) : Is this tetris or are we tryin to do the figures shown ? It says Figure square under the "Play" button...
  Profile     Message jp ( 3 September 2007 07:15) : ggg1986 has uploaded a correction, it should work now, thanks
  Profile     Message game54 ( 3 September 2007 08:18) : thanks ggg1986
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