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A game created by grzesiek86-13
Website (http://...)

The goal of this game is to assemble all of the pieces with the
numbers as it is displayed at the begining of the game. To move the
pieces you need to click on one, so it moves into the empty space. The
faster you put together all the pieces, the more points you will
score. Enjoy the game!

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A game created by grzesiek86-13
Translated by jp

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  Profile     Message Shardan ( 4 October 2006 15:52) : yeah nineth!
  Profile     Message Rafael Trapp ( 10 October 2006 16:44) : This gordofeio is a fucking very lucky guy!!! OMG, just too lucky!!!
  Profile     Message d0ornab ( 17 October 2006 13:10) : i think it takes too long time to mix the numbers.. pretty annoying
  Profile     Message bartol1975 ( 6 March 2011 02:39) : Panowie jak robicie takie wyniki ?? bo mi siÄ™ samo uÅ‚ożyÅ‚o...czy to jakiÅ› waÅ‚ ??...
  Profile     Message aditya ( 17 May 2013 09:14) : yo!!months best
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