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Worm racing

A game created by lis
Website (http://...)

Use your scroll wheel on mouse to make this worm run.
Require scroll wheel mouse and Flash Player 7.

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A game created by lis
Translated by lis

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  Profile     Message pigen94 ( 25 August 2007 12:19) : jeg gjorde det pÃ¥ 21.85
  Profile     Message Duffm@n ( 27 September 2008 13:12) : Quelqu'un pourrait nous dire comment son t compté les points ????!!!!
  Profile     Message miki2114 ( 14 October 2008 11:59) : 16,38 hehe
  Profile     Message xdigox ( 3 August 2009 13:55) : aeee consegui!!!
  Profile     Message Miyaka22 ( 5 February 2022 13:24) : I should introduce this to my children! This is one of the game I've never forget.
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