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A game created by popoyl
Website (http://...)

A "creative" minigolf game with 18 tracks, multiple holes and exits, traditional and non-traditional obstacles, round obstacles,fans,cone-shaped obstacles, magic carpets, strange robots, misterious waters,ife jackets and immeasurable holes.

Final score = holes*1000 + (gap between total strokes - total par (no bonus))*100

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A game created by popoyl
Translated by popoyl

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  Profile     Message d0nn0r ( 7 December 2007 18:52) : @chem i had the same problem
  Profile     Message d0nn0r ( 8 December 2007 00:16) : hole 10 is hard..!!!
  Profile     Message d0nn0r ( 8 December 2007 00:36) : hmm? the ball disappeared at lever 7.. whats that? i tried to shot to the red hole at the right side, when i released the mousebutton, the ball gone away.. and i had so good stats (
  Profile     Message GutH ( 10 December 2007 10:01) : lol
  Profile     Message luciham20 ( 20 March 2019 10:58) : Good day very game!! Man .. Excellent .. Wonderful ..
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